Aconcha Aconcha

Cuba, 1947


Aconcha, painter, born in Cuba, influenced by the magical world of the Orishas, ??deities of the Yoruba pantheon. She is part of the movement of singular art, outsider art and narrative figuration. Her artist work derives in a sea of ??colors, fabrics, overlapping and tangled collages of different materials. Through the exuberance of his creations, he appears and unites himself with the deep Woman, who is both day and night, Yin and Yang. Secret and syncretic signs of the Yoruba rite are camouflaged in the characters that invade Aconcha's paintings. Create painting, sculpture and drawing freely. You don't want to be a prisoner of a method. Its engines are enchantment and pleasure. Like an eternal girl she paints to protect herself, to simply exist.

Artworks by Aconcha Aconcha

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