Alfredo Echazarreta

Chile, 1945


His current work rescues the drawing, which was drowned in the matter of pigment and oil, thus counting swiftly on the already smoother fabric, with glazes and energetic strokes. He has always told about his work: "The origin of man in his career to find himself in myths and in legendary countries never visited." Also, engraving has become my great ally, where black and white, the line and the stain, make a synthesis on the paper of my whole world and thus prepare the work on the canvas. The iconic images appeared, such as the horse, the boat, the ship, especially the woman and what makes her travel, with which I have mentioned Dante and Beatrice, Actaeon and Diana. I'm still open to the poem that shows me the man we were and who we can be. "My return to Chile, a graphic and contrasting country, has distanced me from my work "dubious light" of the Seine Valley, (darling of the Impressionists) as well as my previous house in Normandy.

Artworks by Alfredo Echazarreta