Alfredo Sinclair

Panama, 1915


Alfredo Sinclair (Panama City 8 December 1915 – 2 February 2014) Alfredo Sinclair was the first Panamanian artist to explore abstraction. He studied with Humberto Ivaldi at the National School of Painting and later in Argentina, between 1947 and 1951. Sinclair visited many colleges and other places where he could explain his work to people so they would understand it more. In spite the fact that the Panamanian people did not understand much of his art, in 1955 he was awarded a prize for an artwork that included pieces of glass. With the passage of time Sinclair's painting followed the lines of a lyrical abstraction that went from collages to soft and luminous compositions. One of his most famous works is Mancha, which is also included in the exhibition. Even though his works often contained figurative references like still lifes or facial features, Sinclair is considered the father of abstraction in Panama. Sinclair died on 2 February 2014 from heart failure at the age of 98. His daughter Olga Sinclair is also a well known artist.

Artworks by Alfredo Sinclair