André Cypriano

Brazil, 1964


A native of Brazil, Cypriano lives and works as a freelance photographer in New York City, and is currently working on a new documentary project in Brazil with the support received from Mother Jones and En Foco. “Contrasting with the innocence and tranquility of the island (Ilha Grande), was a prison known as the Devil’s Caldron. It was in this penitentiary that the government made an historic mistake during Brazil’s military dictatorship, of imprisoning militant revolutionaries together with common criminals. That policy instigated the evolution of the Comando Vermelho, the largest criminal organization in Brazil. I attempted to capture the unguarded dark image of life inside the Devil’s Caldron. My hope is to reflect the pain and desolate loneliness inmates felt when serving time – time in a prison surrounded by a paradise that teased them with what is forbidden.”

Artworks by André Cypriano