Armando Morales

Nicaragua, 1927


Armando Morales was born in Granada, Nicaragua on 1927. Morales was the youngest of six children of a family deeply rooted in religion. Two years later, the family moved to Managua, the Capital, where there were greater opportunities for his father to expand his hardware business. Since Early childhood Armando showed a great interest in art, together with a fascination with the tools of a painter. He recalls that at the age of six or seven, he searched in vain for a box of oil paints which his sister had used with a spatula to decorate handkerchiefs and coasters. He remembers well that the brand was Pelikan, but his persistent searching only aroused his mother’s annoyance and the box was never found. Morales’ skill for drawing did not go unnoticed by his teachers. One of them in particular, who taught arithmetic, grammar and painting, frequently praised his paintings while turning a blind eye to his laziness in other subjects. By this time, painting ceased to be only a school activity: He also painted at home on his return from school. Around 1938, he painted realistically some imaginary landscapes with Morales regards as the true beginning of his artistic career. The School of Fine Arts of Managua had a rigorous academic curriculum. The first year was dedicated to drawing with charcoal, and later with crayon, inanimate models of wood and plaster, as well as all kinds of cloth. Perspective, history of art and anatomy was taught during the second year and, while still working with crayon and charcoal, live models were introduced. It was not until the third year that Morales would fulfill his childhood dreams of painting with oils.

Artworks by Armando Morales