Dalva Duarte

Brazil, 1949


Born Carolinas, Brazil 1967 University of Brazilia, Brazil 1968 Institute of Fine Art, Brazil 1969 Institute of Fine Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1970 - 1974 Studied Incas and Pre-Columbian Art, Peru and Argentina 1974 Lived and worked in Paris, France 1974 Studied Baroque Art in Portugal 1975 Ecole des Beaux Arts, France 1975 Studied at the Prado Museum, Spain 1976 Studied at the Louvre, Paris, France 1980 Poster for Amnesty International 20th Anniversary 1982 Invitation by the Fundacao Cultural de Brazilia, Brazil 1982 Grand Prize for Art Plastique, Andelys, France

Artworks by Dalva Duarte