Isidoro O’Campo

Mexico, 1910


Born June 20, 1910 in Veracruz. His mother is from Veracruz; his father a native of Tabasco, and was a lighthouse keeper. As a result, Ocampo's first five years were spent in lighthouses on the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico, and he is especially familiar with the various islands on which his father served: Enmedio Island, Roca Partida, Cacrificios, Manzanillo and others. At the age of 5, taken to Mexico City where he completed primary school. Father insisted he study for a career in commerce. At age 18, after a tremendous struggle with his father, Ocampo decided to make art his profession. 1928: Attended night classes in drawing and painting in San Carlos Academy. 1929: Joined Workshop of Book Arts, directed by Francisco Diaz de Leon. 1930: Appointed as Assistant in the Engraving Workshop of the Teachers of Woodcuts and Etchintgs. 1930-34: For four years he studied engraving in different media (wood, metal and stone), xylography, etching and lithography. During this period, he made over 200 engravings. In 1932, he left San Carlos Academy. Worked as a book illustrator at 'Imprenta y Editorial Cultura', a publishing house for which he illustrated 28 books and various magazines, in addition to his many individual prints. He begins to paint. 1936: joined Ministry of Public Education as a professor of plastic arts. Assigned to teach in various day, night and sevcondary schools, and at present (1949) is with the Beginners' Night Art Schools in Mexico City. Joined L.E.A.R. 1937: participated in founding of TGP. First exhibition of work, jointly with G. Paz Perez and R. Anguiano in L.E.A.R.'s gallery, Mexico City.

Artworks by Isidoro O’Campo