Javier Abdala

Uruguay, 1971


Javier Abdala was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1971. In the works of Javier Abdala you can sense his own energy. He has the ability to demonstrate a higher value of expression with his painting with many different perspectives. The attraction and the originality of his work impacts us, but the theme is not something that would normally interest him in reality. "When I am alone in my workshop, I begin to move my hands, then I turn a piece, and generate another image. Like in the movies, I see movies to make sculptures". He is more interested in the action and paying attention to the, "innumerable amount of things that come into your head". The process continues with interventions that contribute to the work without interfering. A certain color, or maybe a trick..."Tricks that I prefer are the spontaneous ones because my works have not been premeditated, but developed within the moment". Javier Abdala studied in the National School of Fine Arts and in the studios of Jaime Escala, Javier Nieva, Clever Lara and Aurelio Lebrato. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction.

Artworks by Javier Abdala