Jose Ignacio Fletes Cruz

Nicaragua, 1952


Born - July 31, 1952; Managua, Nicaragua. Biography - Studied for a year at the School of Fine Arts in Leon. Joined the community of primitivistic painters at Solentiname, and created works for the book, The Gospel in Art by the Peasants of Solentiname. During the war (1978-79) took refuge in Costa Rica, and contributed paintings to the movement against Somoza. Settled in Leon after the war, and joined the Sutiava group of artists. In 2007 fifteen paintings by Ignacio Fletes Cruz were selected for permanent display in the new US Embassy and the offices of the US Agency for International Development in Managua, Nicaragua The Paintings - "The landscapes reflect the flora and fauna that surround the peasants of the countryside - where peasants and their children learn from Mother Earth about the whims of nature." Ignacio Fletes Cruz came to Indigo Arts for a solo exhibit in 2004, again in February 2007, and most recently in April and May, 2011.

Artworks by Jose Ignacio Fletes Cruz