Jose Milner Cajahuaringa

Peru, 1932


José Milner Cajahuaringa was born in Huarochirí, Peru on February 29, 1932. After completing his studies in his native city, he entered the School of Fine Arts in Lima. Cajahuaringa graduated in 1959 with the 1st Prize for Painting . José Milner Cajahuaringa has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and the United States. He exhibited at the Pan American Union , Washington, 1962 , the same year it was proposed to constitute an artistic agency in the continental area: The South American Group of Artists . In 1964, he studied art in Spain on a grant from the Institute of Hispanic Culture, awarded at the Great Art Exhibition in America and Madrid,Spain. Cajahuaringa, whose works are inspired by the pre-Hispanic past of Peru. His paintings play with complementary colors, the “V” images and geometric shapes that characterize the old Tawantinsuyu la arquitectura.

Artworks by Jose Milner Cajahuaringa