Julio Visquerra

Honduras, 1944


Julio Visquerra was born in Las Flores Ranch, Honduras in 1944. Julio Visquerra studied painting in the National School of Fine Arts and finished his studies in Spain. After more than twenty of residing in Europe he returned to Honduras where he lives since. Visquerra started as an expressionist artist, but his later studies on technique and color of the Italian Renaissance and the masters of Spanish Baroque influenced him in his own artistic techniques. He experimented with different techniques, especially with oil on canvas. He prefers to work with primary colors that he mixes to obtain a richer tone. He has experimented with several styles like cubism, expressionism, and realism, which have led him to paint in a magical realism. His themes portray fruits that are used to symbolize human deterioration, the decadence of power, and the process of life and death. Another central theme is the feminine figure. He has exhibited in America and Europe.

Artworks by Julio Visquerra