Pedro Figari

Uruguay, 1861


Pedro Figari was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1861. Figari spent much of his childhood on a farm in what is now downtown Tres Cruces, facing a port of Montevideo Bay. In this semi-rural neighborhood, a young Figari gets in touch with aspects of society that would eventually become the subjects he developed in his painting. He had always painted as an amateur, but in 1921 he sent a number of his paintings to Buenos Aires for an exhibition. Although the exhibition was not a commercial success (only one painting had sold), he was warmly greeted by the cultural community, so he decided to move to Buenos Aires to pursue his career as a painter. In 1925 he sent another lot to Paris, and this time sells about half his paintings. He then moved to Paris, where he continued painting until 1933. He decided to sail back to Montevideo, where he arrived in 1934. Pedro Figari died in Montevideo in 1938 ending an extraordinary life as painter, lawyer, professor, journalist, parliamentarian, philosopher, and writer.

Artworks by Pedro Figari