Remigio Valdés de Hoyos

Mexico, 1958


Remigio Valdés de Hoyos (Monterrey, México, 1958). He carried out studies of Architecture in the Autonomous National University of Mexico (1974-1977). Being a student of the sculptor Mathias Goeritz, decided to also study the Degree in Visual and Plastic Arts in the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda”, of the National Institute of Fine Arts (1975-1977). He has participated in more than a hundred group shows around the world and has had more than thirty solo shows since 1975, when the Mexico-American Institute of Cultural Relations, in Monterrey, exhibited his first collection titled "Women". In 1978 moved to Paris, where he perfected his copper engraving technique at the Lacourière-Frélaut workshop, place in which he would carry out numerous editions during more than one decade. In 1982 he presented the series "Figures in times" in the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. In 1984 he decided to expand his printmaking knowledge, now in lithography, at Kyron Ediciones Gráficas Limitadas, directed by Andrew Vlady in Mexico City, where he carried out numerous pieces and exhibited the series "The kiss of Judas". That same year the series "Fish People" was exhibited at the Arvil Gallery, in Mexico City, place where he would later also present "Nature" (1990) and "Consciousness, Unconsciousness" (1993). In the nineties he learned the Talavera ceramics techniques, preparing an assembly of works that would form part of "Stories", collection that together with paintings and works of art, was exhibited in the Diego Rivera showroom of the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, in Mexico City (1997). The same show was presented a year later at the Mexican Cultural Institute in the city of Washington D. C. and in the Löwenpalais in the city of Berlin, Germany, headquarters of the Foundation Starke, where he carried out that year an artistic residence. In 1999 he left Paris and established his residence in Montreal, Canada, where he lives and works to the present day and where he has carried out several expositions in private galleries, including the series "Le tronc, la bouteille" (2002) and "Escalier à ciel unique" (2003). Two years later he would present "Wild Angels" at the gallery Space Try, in Tokyo Japan, his first solo show in Asia (2005). His most recent exposition was carried out also in that continent under the title of "Remigio Valdés de Hoyos and 25 prints", presented in the Institute Cervantes, in New Delhi, India (2009). Today Valdés de Hoyos combines his fine arts work with the direction of Rarelyseen & Co., business founded by him in 2008, whose mission is the development of cultural and artistic cooperation among countries. The show "Le retour" (The Return) is his comeback to Mexico City since his succesful exhibition in the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Artworks by Remigio Valdés de Hoyos