Vladimir Cora

Mexico, 1951


Vladimir Cora was born in Mexico in 1951, he is a painter of exuberance, subtle humor and vitality. His works, whether paiinted, carved in relief or sculpted from the raw cedar he loves, are filled with images of life-primitive, bawdy and with a strange sense of peacefulness. Cora spent his childhood by the beech of Novillero on the Pacific Ocean. The kinds of people, the colors of the fruits and flowers, the delicate poetry of local artifiacts-all this would later be part of transfiguring work of interpretation. Artist Statement: "I believe that people are like their country. The colors I use are as brilliant as my homeland. They are colors of the fruits, the trees, the flowers, of ocean. When it rains, all of ny homeland colors are alive. You could say that I am an ambassador of expression for my country, Mexico.

Artworks by Vladimir Cora