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Artist's Biography
Fermin Revueltas was born in the state of Durango in northern Mexico in 1902.

He was taken to his family to live in Guadalajara between 1910 and 1913. Later he studied in a Jesuit college in San Antonio, Texas.

In the United States he came into contact with workers´struggles and union demands in Chicago, which enormously influenced his later ideas as an artist.

On returning to Mexico he joined in the teaching revolution of the Open Air School of Painting and was director of the José María Velasco school in Villa de Guadalupe, Mexico City.

He was active in Technical Workers, Painters, Sculptors and Engravers Union and adopted the aesthetic propositions of the literary movement of the "Estridentistas".

He participated in the first stage of Muralism, painting a religious allegory in encaustic for what was then the National High School in 1923.

In 1928 he joined the Mexican Communist Party and supported the demands for a complete change in the teaching of art made by the group ¡30-30!, with manifestos, posters and exhibitions.

With an avant-garde language of form recalling Russian Constructivism and the Futurism of Marinetti he illustrated the covers of the critical magazine Crisol.

He died at an early age in 1935 leaving several project murals unfinished and an artistic career at the height of its maturity of expression.

Fermin Revueltas Sánchez

Fermin Revueltas Sánchez
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