January21st, 2020
January21st, 2020

Plató América

Museo de Arte de Lima

Paseo Colon 125, Lima District, Peru

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For the first delivery of Irradia. Arte + Tecnología, a joint initiative of the Lima Art Museum and Fundación Telefónica, artists Fátima Rodrigo and Jaime Oliver were invited to develop a work for four video channels and eight audio channels. The resulting installation, entitled Plató América, delves into the fields of research of artists on the links between abstraction and the Latin American entertainment industry, pre-Columbian symbology, synthetic sound waves and cutting-edge experimental music; questioning the relationship between the contemporary and what is assumed as ancient or primitive. The artists propose to the viewer a visual tour through the reconstruction of different stages in which televised concerts took place during the boom of the Latin American romantic ballad of the 1960s to 1990s. The assembly of the television sets of those years was characterized by Colorful designs of geometric shapes, spectacular echoes derived from referents of pictorial modernism that prevailed in the post-war European and North American context, which in certain occasions took formal references of pre-Columbian iconography. In fact, the exterior mural intervention to the cube consists in the serial reproduction of an image found in one of these scenarios, whose design seems to be almost exactly appropriate for the Union 1 work of the American artist Frank Stella.



January 21, 2020


January 21, 2020

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Museo de Arte de Lima

125, Paseo Colon
Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
Peru, 15046


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