The Galería Javier López opened its doors in London in June 1995 with a programme of contemporary art, including projects by X-Art Foundation, Martin Creed, Simon Martin and Thomas Ruff. Since February 1996, when it transferred to Madrid, the gallery’s goal has been to show a programme that alternates between presenting the work of young artists and exhibitions by more established figures to give a complementary view of the scope of contemporary art. Between 2006 and 2013 the gallery opened a new space in New York: Gering & López Gallery, designed by architect Joel Sanders and located in the historic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue in New York. The gallery exhibited the first shows of such groundbreaking artists including KAWS, Todd James and many more. In November 2010, Javier López opened a premier space in Madrid to move his gallery from the city centre to an exceptional building designed by renowned architectural firm Vicens + Ramos, situated in a privileged location right at the edge of El Pardo national park, in La Florida, Madrid. The dialogue between the architecture and landscape creates a unique environment where exhibitions are planned with an approach along the lines of a Kunsthalle, lasting longer to provide a complete picture of an artist's work. Since February 2011 the gallery has operated exclusively in this new space, where we aim to present a dynamic programme of both emerging and recognized artists who are creating exceptional and innovative work, taking part in the latest trends in contemporary art, and whose production and approaches are open to the latest techniques and whatever kind of surface. In September 2013 Fer Francés joined the gallery as a partner, performing a series of curated projects and exhibitions that have enriched the program of the gallery with national and international artists, both young and recognized, some related to urban art and others to the most fresh painting proposals. In 2017, Jimena López started collaborating with the gallery composing the press releases and curating shows. Art cataloguer and dealer, she has curated different exhibitions for the gallery until now. The first one was in Tokyo, with works by Alex Katz and Francesco Clemente for the first time in the Japanese capital. She curated two shows in the Swiss city of Gstaad, one with works by these two well-established artists and the other one about The Portait with Alex Katz, David Salle, Francesco Clemente, Nobuyoshi Araki, Phil Frost, and African masks. Recently she has curated a solo show by Nobuyoshi Araki in the gallery exhibition room in Madrid. Galería Javier López & Fer Francés has recently opened a second gallery in the city centre. This new base will bring our exhibition program focused on young artists closer to a wide audience, and these shows will alternate with exhibits by the more established artists who have brought the gallery renown over the last twenty - five years. The gallery participates in various international fairs since its inception, having seen increased its presence in them in recent years.