The Museum of Contemporary Art stands in the heart of the old town, the San Telmo neighborhood, south of the city. Based in San Juan 328 avenue, in 2011 this area has been declared by the City Government as an "Arts District", along with the La Boca neighborhood and part of Barracas. Thus, the MACBA is registered in an area of ??great tourist attraction, next to the Museum of Modern Art of the city, the antique fair of San Telmo and the churches and mansions that are preserved from Buenos Aires at the end of the 18th century. . The building, designed by the Vila Sebastián Arquitectos architecture studio in 2010, is made up of 7 floors and 3 basements. Adjacent to MAMBA, its main facade is a 15 x 12 meter glazed plane. This curtain wall provides a transparency that allows connecting the interior with the exterior. Resolved with an exposed concrete structure and glazed cloth skin, the museum reflects a minimalist, contemporary image, in keeping with the collection it houses. The net volume of the building has two multiple-height spaces, one at the entrance and the other at the rear end of the property, which allows natural light to enter the subsoils, which, combined with artificial lighting, provides adequate visibility to the rooms of exposition. The museum occupies a total of 1500 m2 distributed in a room of 40 linear meters of exhibition. Each floor -with its respective sanitary services- is connected by means of a ramp that facilitates circulation and is complemented by an elevator with a maximum capacity of 10 people. The building has artificial ventilation and air conditioning at all levels, respecting international standards for the exhibition of works of art. The floors are made of American oak wood and the lighting is in charge of the German company ERCO.