The MAC aspires to "Be a look from the South in the visual arts" from an avant-garde perspective. Support that protects a fragment of the history and collective memory of Valdivia, and that covers part of the local and global artistic heritage of our time; not only through traveling exhibitions but also through a permanent collection, based on donations, of contemporary Chilean artists that covers the plastic production of the last three decades. The main foundational objectives of MAC-Valdivia are: to build the Museum in a place with its own identity; establish a close link with the center of gravity of the city: the river; make the Museum the emblematic building of the city; create a plastic cultural space to revitalize the Region and the city of Valdivia; contribute to decentralize art; set up a plastic collection that prologues and maintains the cultural values ??of the region and the country; and recover part of the tradition of visual and cultural arts that the city and the University had in the past with their School of Art.