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This museum, which has preserved its atmosphere of old, is devoted to Antoine-Joseph Wiertz (1806-1865), a somewhat controversial artistic figure of the Belgian Romantic movement.

Wiertz liked to be spectacular, painting huge canvasses where he gave vent to his need for inordinate proportions (The Greeks and the Troyens claiming the Body of Patrocles) but also dramatic subjects, scenes of terror which represent an implacable humanitarian plea (The Premature Burial). Wiertz is also the author of numerous small studies rapidly painted and paintings which are memorable for their refinement (The Beautiful Rosine) (temporarily exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art). His portraits, above all his self-portraits, are eye-catching. In addition to the vitality and power of his sculptures and the great sensitivity of his drawings, Wiertz was also an extremely productive writer. The construction of this studio-museum, in the Léopold district in Brussels, is the result of agreements concluded in1850 between Wiertz and the Belgian government.

In the year following the artist's death, his legacy, including all the works in his studio, were transferred to the Belgian State.

In 1868, the Wiertz Museum became part of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.
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Antoine Wiertz Museum - Belgium

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