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Agustín Lazo was born in Mexico City in 1896, and at first was linked with the Open Air School of Painting of Santa Anita founded by Alfredo Ramos Martínez in 1913. Later, together with Rufino Tamayo, Julio Castellanos and Fernández Ledesma, he was a pupil in the National School of Fine Arts.

As a painter, set designer and dramatist, Lazo had an extremely wide-ranging culture and was always up date with new developments in European art and literature.

He lived in Europe for a long time, and so had close contact with avant-garde movements. Some authors consider him may be the representative of the most European aspect of Mexican painting between 1930 and 1949.

Because of the dreamlike quality of his paintings and engravings they have often been compared to the work of Giorgio De Chirico. he designed scenery for plays directed by Celestino Gorostiza and wrote some dramas. He belonged to the "group without a group" Los Contemporáneos.

He died in Mexico City in 1971.
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Agustín Lazo
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Agustín Lazo
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