Ver ArtistaDaniel Ferreia-Leites

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1977.
Self-taught, my work is diversified into three well-defined stylistic lines: the mixed media (pencil drawing on paper with subsequent digital processing), the photo-manipulation (photo collage and image manipulation) and purely digital technique (works designed from the sketch completion through software).

Screenings of video art - Feria de boliche - 2010 - Visuals - 2011
Plastic - Display Individual - Alarte - 2011
In 2010

Video art - Feria de boliche - Montevideo, Uruguay

In 2011

Video art - Visual Event - Montevideo, Uruguay

Individual exhibition of Plastic Art - Espacio de artes plásticas Alarte - Montevideo, Uruguay
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Daniel Ferreia-Leites

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