Ver ArtistaDionisio Blanco

He is born in San Cristobal , the 9th of October, 1953. He is a graduate from the national school of beauty arts.
The Dominican sower is the first object of his paintings that displays an edyllic and ethereal image from the latin-american rural world.
The paradise is here, the author seems to say, in the great soil of the countryside where the faceless and austere peasant seems to dream his own life.
His paintings have been in many single and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has been curer commissioner for the First Encounter of Contemporary Art, Italy and the Dominican Republic , for the latin-american institute of Rome , in 1997, and in the collective exhibition Dominican Women arranged in Washington by the National Press Club and the Smithsonian Institute. He has also been twice invited delegate to the world Biennal of Venice.
Obras de Arte

Dionisio Blanco
Sembradores sobre la memoria de la tiera

Oil on Canvas
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Dionisio Blanco
Sembradores como cartas del deseo
Acrylic on Canvas w/oil
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