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Helen Escobedo was born in Mexico City in 1936.

She was of transcultural heritage and identity of an English mother and a Mexican father, she majored in the humanities and received her master's degree in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London. She also received a Guggenheim fellowship in 1991.
One of the first artists of her generation to embrace site specificity both in her permanent as well as ephemeral works, she was also a precursor in the field of non permanent installations made from fortuitously available natural and industrial materials in México. She worked on projects around the world, from New Zealand to Israel, England, Canada, the United States and Latin America. She shuttled between her two studios in Mexico and Germany.
Escobedo, in one career, combined multiple roles in the art world. She served as the director of three major Museums in Mexico City, wrote essays and lectured extensively on contemporary art, was published in scholarly journals devoted to aesthetic issues (Leonardo Magazine), and had experience in the performing arts.
Her work typically flows with a mixture of planned and serendipitous decisions, as she collaborated with local helpers. Escobedo's combination of international artistic accomplishments; sensitivity to contexts of time, place, and the creativity of people, were exemplary at many levels. Her perspectives on life and art confirmed the importance of artistry in the spaces we see, create, inhabit, and too often take for granted. She communicated the intimate connections between art, the natural and human-made environment, history and the life of people as individuals and in comunities.
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Helen Escobedo
Bronze with Green Patina
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