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José Clemente Orozco was born in Mexico in 1883.

From 1900-1904 Orozco studied agriculture and architectural drafting. He entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City in 1909. With the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Orozco became an active participant aligned with the supporters
of Carranza. He rapidly became disenchanted with the excesses of this period and depicted them in a series of satirical drawings. From 1917 to 1922 Orozco worked in California, returning to Mexico after the establishment of a stable government. His first murals at the National Preparatory School in Mexico City demonstrate not only great compassion in the portrayal of the destruction and the suffering caused by the war but also a concern with aesthetic aims in the attempt to integrate form and expression. From 1927 to 1934 Orozco worked in the United States, executing murals at Pomona College, The New School for Social Research in New York, and Dartmouth College. In the summer of 1932, Orozco made his only trip to Europe, visiting Paris, London, Spain, and Italy, where he was particularly impressed by the medieval frescoes. After his return to Mexico in 1934, Orozco received many mural commissions including works for the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City; the University, Orphanage, Government Palace in Guadalajara; and the library in Jiquílpan. His frescoes in Guadalajara culminated
with the murals for the Chamber of Deputies and marked the high point in the development of Orozco’s individual expressionist style.
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José Clemente Orozco
Advance (Avance)
Oil and tempera on canvas
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José Clemente Orozco
The Requiem
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