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Linda Perez Denizard was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1965.

“I started painting with Wilfredo Labiosa, known painter american-puertorrican, famous for his flamboyant trees and local landscapes, he was my teacher for 7 years (1970's). After this period, I was self taught. I spent much of my weekends in my dad's farm playing with nature, I learned to imitate the colors of earth, rocks, sunlight of the island, also the greens and my abstract work comes from the view of the mountains from far. My studio is located in Catano, PR near the San Juan Bay. I am currently friends with other artists such as: Pablo Marcano, Carmelo Sobrino, Quetzalcoalt (Willy), Maria Manosa and Jose Marcano.

My art is highly influenced by modern-pop as Wahrhol, love his work. My palette of colors ranges from the old antique colors of old San Juan walls, to the earthy, clay, reds of the sunsets of the island, used in a very subtle way. I paint in figurative-abstract, abstract alone and some portraits. My art has been sold to private collectors since 2008."
2010 Feb. Collective of Artist.

2009 - 2010 Dec - Jan. Solo show; " PENTIMENTO"

2009 May Collective of Artist

2008 Mar Solo show at : Mooza, PR
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Linda Perez Denizard

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