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Ramón Oviedo was born in Barahona, Dominican Republic in 1927.

Ramón Oviedo has been appointed by the National Congress as illustrious Master of the Dominican Painting. His workmanship displays strong lines and colors that evoke hardness, sordidness, cruelty, but also humanity.

In 1978, The World Almanac names Oviedo as the most important painter from his country.

The abstraction and expressionism that rule them compose the psychological of mankind with its abysses and solitudes. It is as if something would come up from his paintings and give way to a sordid pain that cried in silence.

Oviedo has won important awards and acknowledgements in the country and abroad, among them the order to the Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella, (awarded by the Dominican government in 1997), and the Chevallier Award, from the L’ordre des arts et de letters awarded by the ministry of culture and communication of the French government. Oviedo’s murals and paintings are exhibited in diverse museums and international forums, in public and private collectives.
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Ramón Oviedo
Mixed media on canvas
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Ramón Oviedo
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Técnica mixta sobre papel
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