Ver ArtistaTony Capellan

Born in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, he studied at the arts department of Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Attended several relief engraving courses, intaglio and serigraphy, the latter at the Art Student League of New York. Lives and works in Santo Domingo.

Tony Capellán, who represents the Dominican Republic after having been granted the first prize from UNESCO last year, presents a change in his subject and in the ambiance of his installations. Besides choosing the tropical magic and the fantastic imagery for his research, he adds the problems and drama that affect the Dominican Republic and most Latin-American countries - as well as the whole world - to his work.

His work acquired a disquieting feature, a result of indignation, questioning and reflection and intends to cause reflection, indignation and questioning in the spectator. We have deliberately changed the order of the nodes in the "reaction" process. Tony Capellán acts according to the Brechtian theory, causing amazement, establishing a physical and intellectual distance between ourselves and the displayed objects. After the initial surprise and shock, a mechanism of interpretation is activated which - in its turn - impacts our sensibility and conscience.
Obras de Arte

Tony Capellan
Mixed Media on Canvas
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Tony Capellan
Ritos del Caribe
Acrylic on Canvas
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