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Walter Casaravilla studied at the School of the Applied Arts with renowned Artist
Anhelo Hernandez in Montevideo, Uruguay, his native country. In 1970 he moved
to New York realizing a long time dream.
In 1975 he showed for the first time at the Washington Square outdoor show in
the Village NY.-

Since 1989 he has shared a studio space along other artist at 14th Street Painters in NY
where he found his home and new inspirations for his art.

Some of his work is described best by the French-Canadian critique of art Danielle LeGrain when she writes:

“WALTER CASARAVILLA plunges into the depth of reality, to the very heart of
expression-he aims, in plastic space, to recover the force of impact of an image. Walter
loves the structured, rooted order and rigor his compositions impose on places and
inanimate objects- wedding strength and equilibrium in a disturbing serenity”

His latest work is leading more to the abstract but his colors, his knife work, and
compositions makes it all distinctively his own.-

-Washington Square outdoor bi-annual exhibit 1976 NYC
-JFK Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Group show) 1993

-Weisner Gallery, NYC (Group show)1992

-Waters Gallery, NYC (Group show) 1992

-SODARCO (Group Show) Montreal ,Canada 1994


Buffalo, NY 1994-97

-Michael Ingbar Gallery (Group show) 1994


-Great Neck Arts Center (group show) 2010


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