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Lugar: Jeu De Paume - Paris, France
Tipo de Evento: Exhibición
Inicia: Martes, Octubre 16, 2018
Termina: Jueves, Enero 17, 2019
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Alejandro Cesarco. Learn the language
1, Place de la Concorde Paris 75008

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In the framework of the Satellite 11 program, Alejandro Cesarco presents "Learning the Language" (Present Continuous I), the third movement of the "NOVLANGUE_" cycle, which matches the language of the digital world with the official language created by George Orwell in his dystopian novel 
1984 . This component echoes Class A of the vocabulary of this fictional novella, grouping together the lexical field of everyday life and work: univocal, short words that have neither nuance nor political or philosophical significance. "Learning the Language" (Present Continuous I) sketches possible echoes between music, automatism and language, through a portrait of the Argentinean pianist Margarita Fernández.

Margarita Fernández (born in Buenos Aires) is a major figure in the field of contemporary Argentine music - pianist, theoretician, performer, teacher, scholar. For the exhibition, Alejandro Cesarco produced a video portrait, filmed in his house in Buenos Aires, revisiting a masterclass given on the Robert Bresson film Random Balthazar (1966), whose musical theme is the Andantino of the Sonata in A major, great posthumous work of Franz Schubert. Margarita Fernandèz talks about Andantino and possible translations and shifts from the language of cinema to that of music. The film produced for the Satellite 11 program is a continuation of the series of portraits on paper or video of the artist, built around literary characters and tutelary figures - such as Mirrored Portrait (2015) or A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (2012).

Alejandro Cesarco (born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1975) has an interest in language and writing: repetition, interpretation, construction or deconstruction of the narrative, reading, translation, citation, overlapping or memorization systems. His work envisions language as a motive, a combinatorial, via discontinuity in narrative, sampling, distortion or collaboration. Literature is at the heart of his practice, as a structural model and a sensitive landscape.

"Learning the Language" (Present Continuous I) opens a theater of looks where the mental image and the memory allow recomposition and interpretation in the viewer. "The essential thing," said Maurice Blanchot, "is not that one man expresses himself and another, but that no one in particular is speaking and no one in particular is listening, there is, however, speech and an indefinite promise to communicate, guaranteed by the incessant coming and going of solitary words. 

Language is here resonances case, affinity and sounds, on the model of a musical group.

Agnès Violeau

Curator: Agnès Violeau 


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Learn the language
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Jeu De Paume - Paris, France

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