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Lugar: Fondazione Prada - Milan, Italy
Tipo de Evento: Exhibición
Inicia: Miércoles, Junio 7, 2017
Termina: Lunes, Enero 15, 2018
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Alejandro G. Iñárritu - CARNE y ARENA
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Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s “CARNE y ARENA (Virtually Present, Physically Invisible),” is a virtual reality installation produced and financed by Legendary Entertainment and Fondazione Prada.

Included in the Official Selection of the 70th Festival de Cannes, the project is currently presented in its extensive full version in the Deposito at Fondazione Prada in Milan.

Based on true accounts, the superficial lines between subject and bystander are blurred and bound together, allowing individuals to walk in a vast space and thoroughly live a fragment of the refugees’ personal journeys. “CARNE y ARENA” employs the highest, never-before-used virtual technology to create a large, multi-narrative light space with human characters.

The experimental visual installation “CARNE y ARENA” is a six and half minute solo experience that reunites frequent collaborators Alejandro G. Iñárritu and three-time Academy Award®-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki alongside producer Mary Parent and ILMxLAB.

“During the past four years in which this project has been growing in my mind, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing many Mexican and Central American refugees. Their life stories haunted me, so I invited some of them to collaborate with me in the project,” said four-time Academy Award-winner Iñárritu. “My intention was to experiment with VR technology to explore the human condition in an attempt to break the dictatorship of the frame, within which things are just observed, and claim the space to allow the visitor to go through a direct experience walking in the immigrants’ feet, under their skin, and into their hearts.”

As stated by Germano Celant, Fondazione Prada’s Artistic and Scientific Superintendent, “with ‘CARNE y ARENA’, Iñárritu turns the exchange between vision and experience into a process of osmosis in which the duality between the organic body and the artificial body is dissolved. A fusion of identities arises: a psychophysical unity in which, by crossing the threshold of the virtual, the human strays into the imaginary and vice versa. It is a revolution in communication in which seeing is transformed into feeling and into a physical engagement with cinema: a transition from the screen to the gaze of the human being, with a total immersion of the senses. Iñárritu’s project perfectly embodies Fondazione Prada’s experimental vocation and its long-lasting engagement towards the correlation between cinema, technology and the arts.”


“CARNE y ARENA” is a virtual reality installation which features a variety of experiences, activities and images that might be perceived as frightening and/or disturbing.

Visitors voluntarily accept and assume any and all risks associated with their participation in the installation.

Visitors must be fully aware that the venue where the installation is housed, including the spaces within which it is set up, is equipped with a system of video protection intended exclusively to ensure the safety of people and property. This system is managed by Fondazione Prada in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in force.

Access to “CARNE y ARENA” is forbidden to anyone younger than 16 years of age. Minors of age no less than 16 years of age will only be accepted if such visitors will provide a copy of the attached Waiver and Release of Liability signed for acceptance by a parent or legal guardian to Fondazione Prada’s ticketing desk, along with a copy of the parent or legal guardian’s own identification document.

Visitors must leave all personal luggage, bags, coats and electronic or recording devices (including mobile phones, computers, cameras, video cameras, etc.) at Fondazione Prada’s free surveilled cloakroom before entering the installation. We therefore recommend to arrive at the Fondazione at least 30 minutes in advance in order to complete said operations and turn up at the installation’s entrance 10 minutes prior to booked time slot.

A delay in showing up at the installation’s entrance of more than 5 minutes will automatically entail the cancellation of purchased ticket. No refund will be provided. 

Because of the complex technology employed, the installation may require special maintenance. This may result in delays for visitors or in the cancellation of affected visits. 

We recommend visitors wearing glasses to wear contact lenses in order to view the installation.

The ticket to “CARNE y ARENA” (10 euros) does not include access to the other projects and exhibitions currently hosted at Fondazione Prada Milano or Fondazione Prada Osservatorio. Those tickets can be purchased on this website or at the venue’s ticketing desk.

The complete Waiver and Release of Liability to accept in order to access the installation are available here

Tickets are made available on a monthly basis


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Alejandro G. Iñárritu - CARNE y ARENA
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Fondazione Prada - Milan, Italy

Lago Isarco, 2
Milan , 20139
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+39 (02) 5666 2611

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