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Lugar: Ruiz-Healy Art - San Antonio
Tipo de Evento: Solo
Inicia: Jueves, Mayo 11, 2017
Termina: Sábado, Junio 24, 2017
Mar - Sab
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11:00 - 16:00
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Johanna Calle: Trama
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201-A East Olmos Drive
San Antonio , Texas , 78212
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+1 (210) 8042219
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Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Calle gracefully investigates lines with a preference for a black and white palette. Her exploration of drawing and pushing the medium into a wide variety of techniques are at the heart of her formal practice. Her method of line making is that of a physical approach--one that includes wire, stitching, text, along with the more traditional use of ink and pencil. The artist is contently expanding and reconfiguring the very idea of a line and mark making.

Calle bestows formalism with a social conscience. Rather than sensationalizing the grave issues and violent troubles of the world, she incorporates the heaviest of subject matters such as, environmental decay and the horrific conditions of the slums and presents the topics in a philosophical and contemplative manner. She sheds light on humanitarian tragedies while submerging them within a subdued aesthetic.


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Ruiz-Healy Art - San Antonio

201-A East Olmos Drive
San Antonio , Texas , 78212
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+1 (210) 8042219

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