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Lugar: Arte Americas - Miami, FL
Tipo de Evento: Exhibición
Inicia: Jueves, Febrero 1, 2018
Termina: Domingo, Marzo 11, 2018
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3361 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Miami , Florida , 33145
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The concept for KINDRED began with an inquiry into the connective threads that exist between a handful of artists who create evocative, narrative-dense works.  Art lovers who have experienced some of our previous group shows may be familiar with the names of the artists who make up this grouping.  

These individuals created works that seemed to  subconsciously draw the viewer in for longer periods of time.

Their artwork frequently incited inquiry as to the context and meanings behind the beautiful compositions.  

Additionally, each of the artists have acted as ambassadors of our Latino cultural center in one capacity or another.  Some have inspired and personally helped our local artists.  Others, we are told, spread positive words about our organization and about our abundant talent base of artists in The Valley.

It should also be noted that each participating artist’s own life stories can read like a compelling novels.  These artists, whether they have met or not -- are kindred. It is only through a real-life experience that the viewer can sense the unmistakable harmony that exists in the combined interaction of the works (despite the wide variance in styles and techniques.)

We invite you to allow your curious mind to weave its own script to accompany each individual work of art.

  • Pay attention to the details in the backgrounds of the photographs and paintings.  

  • Take an extra moment to gaze into the canvas textures and art surfaces.

  • Allow time for the artwork to breathe and reveal its secrets to you. This may even require a second visit.


Once you have seen all of the works, take a second stroll-through to examine the threads that connect the grouping together as an organic whole.

Curator’s Statement

Frank L. Delgado


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Arte Americas - Miami, FL

3361 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Miami , Florida , 33145
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+1 (305) 854-3050

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