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Lugar: Smithsonian American Art Museum
Tipo de Evento: Solo
Inicia: Viernes, Noviembre 3, 2017
Termina: Domingo, Marzo 18, 2018
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Tamayo: The New York Years
750 Ninth Street

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Rufino Tamayo’s lushly colored paintings portraying modern Mexican subjects earned him widespread acclaim as an artist who balanced universal themes with a local sensibility. Tamayo (1899-1991) was drawn to New York City in the early twentieth century at a time when unparalleled transatlantic cross-cultural exchange was taking place. While living in New York, intermittently from the late 1920s to 1949, Tamayo engaged with the new ideas expressed in the modern art that he saw in museums and galleries. Tamayo: The New York Years is the first exhibition to explore the influences between this major Mexican modernist and the American art world.


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Rufino Tamayo, Total Eclipse, c. 1946
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Smithsonian American Art Museum

750 Ninth Street

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