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The Valanti Gallery was inaugurated in 1974 with an exhibition by the artist Rafael Fernández, and began its work as a gallery promoting only Costa Rican artists for 10 years. Starting in 1984, artists from all over Latin America joined, and that has been the trajectory that the gallery has followed to date. In 1980, art classes were started with the best artists in Costa Rica as teachers, among them: Gonzalo Morales, Rafa Fernández, Margarita Bertheau, Francisco Amighetti, etc. And he began to take Costa Rican artists to art fairs in Miami, Colombia and Venezuela, among others. Since 1995, the Valanti Gallery has organized an Annual Latin American Art Seminar with Dr. Belgium Rodríguez, writer, art critic and former president of the International Association of Art Critics -AICA-.

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