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The origins of the gallery begin in 1996, where a series of exhibitions will take place in a small basement located in the central Claudio Coello street in Madrid. At that time, well-known artists were chosen, although not entirely known to the general public, where above all, the choice of a specific era of their production, the quality of the work and above all the paper as a medium, prevailed. Three were the most outstanding samples, each one including a very careful catalog: "Antón Lamazares (1981-1983)" that took place in 1997 and which was ultimately a tribute to Alfonso Fraile; in 1998, “Bonifacio: Work on paper. (1970-1990) ”; and "Manuel Hernández Mompó, circa 1966" in 1999-2000. In the fall of 2004, also in Madrid, the new space was opened at Calle Orellana 18, giving special importance to emerging artists. It can be said that eclecticism articulates the meaning of the exhibitions. All this is framed within a rigorous personal selection that bets on both a majority of young creators and some more established painters, such as Joan Hernández Pijuán, Giorgio Griffa, Susana Solano and Claude Viallat. Despite the fact that color and imperfection are elements that prevail in our gallery, let us not forget either about the cult we do of light, emptiness and balance, as opposed to the above. Now, we are always open to everything that surprises us as long as there is rigor and coherence, within our personal criteria, outside of external influences.

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