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Founded in 1989, the Galerie Lilian Rodriguez presents contemporary art in all its forms, with a special accent on Latin American art of today. As such, we collaborate with galleries, artists, corporations, cultural institutions, museums and embassies from South America to help create artistic manifestations.

The artists whom we represent distinguish themselves by their poetic side but their works resolutely tackle subjects that are specific to our time. Moreover, our interest in various cultures, in the aesthetic as well as anthropological sense of the word, enabled us to enrich our collection of contemporary art, which has grown to include, since 2004, a collection of Latin American folk art as well as textile and ceramic arts.

In order to promote and increase the visibility of our artists and to develop an international market, the gallery takes part in several art fairs, particularly in Latin America, Europe and Canada.


Lilian Rodriguez is a gallery owner, curator and art historian. She obtained, from the Université de Montréal, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master in Art History with a specialization on the beginning of modernism in Argentina and Latin America. She also has an academic background in social sciences, including law, criminology and psychology.

Her research focuses on Latin American and Canadian contemporary art, First Nations art, international art of the twentieth century, pop art and religious heritage. She is also interested in pre-civilization and ancient art, both for their aesthetic and anthropological aspects.

For over 20 years, Lilian Rodriguez has been working in the field of contemporary art, as consultant and director of the Lilian Rodriguez Gallery. She is also an expert in the evaluation of artworks and offers her services to museums, universities, libraries, insurance companies, law firms, professional associations, government institutions and private collectors, whether it be for donations, purchases, second opinions or insurance purposes.

Occasionally, Lilian Rodriguez publishes reviews about Canadian museum exhibitions for newspapers in South America.
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Galerie Lilian Rodriguez - Canada

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