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Rafael Pérez Hernando Arte Contemporáneo, is a gallery for current art, which opened its doors in November 2004 at Calle Orellana nº 18 in Madrid, a strategic location which places it right in the heart of one of the city's contemporary gallery neighbourhoods.

The gallery's origins stretch back a long way, to the earliest exhibitions and catalogue publication work which began in 1997 in a basement on Calle Claudio Coello.

It is probably fair to say that a spirit of eclecticism runs through the choice of exhibitions since they involve a range of different aesthetics and disciplines, from sculpture to video, installation, photography and, above all, painting. All of this within the framework of a rigorous personal selection which aims to concentrate largely on young creators, opting for already-consecrated artists at times, but always with a strong desire to fill our space with colour, imperfection and touches of tomfoolery.
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Rafael Perez Hernando Arte Contemporaneo - Spain

Orellana 18
Madrid, 28004
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+0034 (912) 976480

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Carlos Seveso

Acrylic on Canvas w/wax
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Julián Gil
ORT/ESC.293 A.
acrylic on canvas
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