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Ada Balcacer



Obra Gráfica

watercolor on paper


Flores y Plantas


This lovely work on paper is from Balcacer's much sought after works on paper. It is mixed media. Similar works from this period are nearly impossible to find. Her mixed media work often employs graphite, tempera, acrylic, and oil paint, and occasionally there is some collage. The collage consists of leaves, rice paper, and other materials. The result is a lovely, uplifting, and inspiring work of great power and substance. Good works by Balcacer are becoming harder to find, as the demand for her work has risen dramatically over the last few years. MLA Gallery has a good selection of original works on canvas, and paper, by this great artist, who is the most important Dominican artist, living today.

This painting is unframed. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our Latin artwork, and a certificate of authenticity will be provided, on the gallery letterhead. We also offer a unique, lifetime trade in policy. Please inquire.

Alto: 58 x Ancho: 38 x cm. / Alto: 23 x Ancho: 15 x in.

No Enmarcado $5,000 reasonable

MLA Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
+1 (626) 664-2060
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