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Fernando Botero

Las Frutas



Oil on canvas

Retrato de Vida



Painted in New York City in conscious rejection of American color-field painting, which was then in favor, Las Frutas is a bloated still life that reiterates Botero’s belief in the paramount importance of volumetric, objective form. Botero takes imagery derived from the academic tradition and parodies the ideal through gross plasticity and massive scale. Here, golden, swollen fruit of heroic size pays tribute to the sensuality of shape and form.

Rebuffing the post-war trend toward the deconstruction of the object, and ignoring abstraction and conceptualism, Botero prefers that viewers absorb the sheer physicality of his forms rather than struggle with their meaning. Alternately called a Surrealist and a naive realist, Botero, has created an art that resists stylistic and cultural classification.

/ Alto: 49.5 x Ancho: 50.25 x in.

Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami
+1 (305) 284.3535
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