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Using a popular, warm, poetic, and emotional style, through a cheerful, spontaneous, close, and familiar vision, "FOLKLORIC" is an exhibit of colorful, attractive, and cozy paintings, based on images and codes of the Chilean peasant farmer culture, with a cheerful and at the same time nostalgic spirit, emphasizing common, everyday places, as well as the fascinating idiosyncrasies of rural farmers, their scenery, traditions, customs, tastes and flavors.
These paintings transmit everyday realities where you can see the taste for simplicity, and where the joy for the authentic and genuine prevails. Building on the poetic outlook of the painter, a colorful folkloric world, rich in character, charm, and details, fun and energetic, unprejudiced, somewhat trivial, but original, ironic, and picaresque paintings for the collective memory. A painting telling rural tales, criollo paintings.

Alto: 40 x Ancho: 40 x Profundidad: 2 cm.

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Montecatini Galería - Chile
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