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La Madre Espiritu



acrylic on canvas




This outstanding Mexican artist, is from Oaxaca. His work reflects some of the sensibility, power, aesthetics, and magic of the very best work from that region. He has spent years as a professor of the arts, at various Mexican Universities, and now divides his time between Mexico City, and Paris.

We consider him to be a "poor man's Francisco Toledo". He has some of the talent and sensibility of that Mexican Master, and his work is priced at a fraction of what Toledo's work commands.

Alto: 152 x Ancho: 122 x cm. / Alto: 60 x Ancho: 48 x in.
h: 60 x w: 48 in / h: 152.4 x w: 121.9 cm

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MLA Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
+1 (626) 664-2060
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